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iPhone 4S Car Holder With Goose Neck Mount Also Fit iPhone 4


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iPhone 4S Car Holder with Goose Neck Mount.

This high quality replacement iPhone 4S car holder mount include iPhone 4S handset holder and goose neck suction mount to keep your iPhone 4S mobile phone securely and can be angled for the best visibility so your iPhone 4S display remains unobstructed and allows you to stay connected with the outside world and use GPS car navigation to guide you to your destination, safely and conveniently.

This mobile car holder for iPhone 4S is very easy and simple to use, simply fixes securely to the windscreen using supplied suction mount, avoiding the need for awkward air vent mounts or even drilling holes into your dashboard. A simple press of the suction cup against the windscreen (or any glass surface), ensures the mount is firmly in position to allows you to keep your phone within reach easily, safely, and conveniently whilst driving.


  • Condition: Brand New
  • Packing: Polybag


  • Convenient, safe and secure holding place for your mobile phone when on the road
  • High quality mounting solution is made exclusively for your handset
  • Easy detachable holder from the suction mount.
  • Easy to transfer from car to car

What include's:

  • 1 X iPhone 4S / 4 Handset Cradle
  • 1 X Goose Neck Suction Mount


Apple iPhone 4S
Apple iPhone 4