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Replacement AC-PW20 AC Power Adapter for Sony NEX and SLT Series Camera - ACPW20 - Evertop Accessories Shop

Replacement AC-PW20 AC Power Adapter for Sony NEX and SLT Series Camera - ACPW20


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Replacement AC-PW20 AC Adapter For Sony NEX and SLT Series Camera - ACPW20

Brand new replacement Sony AC Power Adapter Model AC-PW20 provide stable and consistent power to your Sony Alpha NEX and SLT Series Camera's via any AC100-240V power supply socket, it include UK standard 3 pin plug.This replcement Sony ac adapter prevent loss of data due to battery in use out of power when downloading large video file from Sony digital camcorder to the computer, and also this accessory come in very handy when watching your videos on the TV or using the camera indoors. 


  • Power Adapter allows for continuous use of your camera (tripod in studio, etc.)
  • Use it to download pictures/video and not lose precious battery charge.
  • Great for viewing Pictures or Movies on your TV directly from your camcorder.
  • Construction: High impact molded plastic will last for years.
  • Multi-voltage allows charging world-wide.
  • Compact design ideal for travel.


  • Model: Replace SONY AC-PW20 / PW20
  • Input: AC 100-240V
  • Output: DC 7.6V  2A
  • Cable Lenth: 4.8ft
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Packing: Polybag

What include's:

  • AC-PW20 AC Power Adapter 
  • UK Plug AC Power Cable


  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • 12 Months Warranty


Sony NEX-3
Sony NEX-3A
Sony NEX-3D
Sony NEX-3K

Sony NEX-5
Sony NEX-5A
Sony NEX-5K
Sony NEX-5D

Sony NEX-5N
Sony NEX-5ND
Sony NEX-5NK
Sony NEX-5NY

Sony NEX-7
Sony NEX-7K

Sony NEX-C3D
Sony NEX-C3A
Sony NEX-C3K

Sony SLT-A33
Sony SLT-A33K
Sony SLT-A33L
Sony SLT-A33Y

Sony SLT-A35
Sony SLT-A35K
Sony SLT-A35Y
Sony SLT-A55
Sony SLT-A55V
Sony SLT-A55VL
Sony SLT-A55VY

And many more....please see your camera manual.